Close Like A Pro

For insurance professionals eager to increase their closing rates by effectively overcoming customer objections with confidence. 

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Everyone wants to be a better closer so they can make more money, but not everyone has the sales training needed to do it.

A lack of sales training and objection handling leads to a lack of closing customers, especially if you aren’t saving them money. 


That needs to change and Close Like A Pro is here to change it.


With this course, you’ll be more equipped and confident in the close — even at a more expensive price point.


It’s time to start the conversation BIGGER and learn how to sell larger policies to your customers and effectively handle any objection they throw your way.


With this course, your closing ratio will increase, you’ll be more confident with sales, and you’ll make more money while helping more people.

“Michael has put together an incredible program that has helped my agency immensely. Since I instituted his sales process and training, I have seen my production dramatically increase.” 

— Dave Woodworth 


Your preparation will make you STRONGER at closing sales. 


When your customer objects to a deal, that shouldn’t be the end of your sales conversation. In fact, OVERCOMING objections is necessary to be an effective salesperson, and many times, customers WILL object to the initial sale.


When you’re prepared and ready to handle a customer’s objections, your closing rate will increase big time and you’ll be far more confident with selling. 


Inside this course, you’ll learn 12 of my favorite closing techniques to overcome the most common objections insurance professionals face on a daily basis so you can be more prepared than ever before.


 Here’s what you’ll get instant access to:

  • The course work to teach you how to increase your closing ratio

  • Work tracks and scripts to address objections

  • My 12 favorite closing techniques to overcome the most common objections

  • Video trainings to help you speed up your learning (people learn 60,000X faster)

  • Lifetime access to the course materials 

Plus bonus videos:

  • An inside look into where I apply closing techniques and how to ask for the sale a minimum of 3X in the conversation to increase closing rates

“This training program has substantially impacted both the quantity and quality of business that I have been able to write. Michael will take anyone who is willing from amateur to professional in no time. I highly recommend this to any person that wants to “level up” in the insurance industry.”

— Connor Harrel


 This course will help you:

  • Feel motivated, confident, and highly trained in closing the sale

  • Increase your closing ratio by being better equipped to overcome objections

  • Help more people and make more money 

  • Be more confident presenting and closing customers at a more expensive price 

Meet Michael Weaver

Michael Weaver

Michael is the founder of Weaver Sales Academy. He’s coached and trained thousands of insurance agents across the country and one thing always stays the same — everyone wants to increase their closing ratio. This is the offer everyone has been waiting for to start increasing their sales and making more money.



It’s simple — the more customers you HELP, the more money you will make! 


This course helps you do both. 


Every person comes with a unique set of needs when approaching a sale. To effectively close, you need to find a way to relate to your customers on a personal level and use powerful closing techniques.


This course will teach you how to offer your customers exactly what they want and successfully close the deal time and time again.

What are you waiting for?